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Where do your supplements ship out from?

- From our warehouse in Georgia. We are a Montana company located in Missoula. We want to supply some of the best supplements around, so we partnered with one of the leading supplement makers in the nation who Lab Test through a 3rd party, Made in the USA which is huge for us, FDA registered facility and GMP quality.   

  • Why Choose Up Dx. to supplement your life?
    We started our company because we wanted to create something different. We wanted to be more transparent and not feel dooped like the other supplement companies out there. We want to be affordable, build a community, and have a great life while doing it. Our passion is fitness and nutrition so please ask us anything fitness related and we would love to show that we are human just like you. Email us at:
  • What does Up Dx. stand for?
    What is Up Dx.? Some pronounce it up dix and we were always asked what is _____ . So we tried to think of a funnier way to answer with a serious supplement company. We like to have fun around our business. Dx stands for our CEO's son Dexster who was born the same year this supplement company was born. DX.STER.
  • Why a Gorilla?
    The king of the jungle? Really... you have to ask? We were scarred by #Harambe and in respect, we chose a gorilla to be our identity to always remember Harambe and his power. One day, if we ever get rich like our competitors we will give back to the Gorilla foundations that help them in ways that we couldn't. RESPECT
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