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CUTTING FOR A WEDDING? | Supplements, what has worked for us, and much more!

Are you trying to look good for a wedding? Because we have been there and these are the things you need to know!

First, learn your body type...

- Ectomorph : You are always skinny. Take some Protein (now in tubes) VANILLA | CHOCOLATE

- Endomorph : You are now fat or you have always been fat. This is me, so I can relate.

: Since you might be heavier, protect your joints

: Also, this is a hit or miss, but it has worked for me...

- Mesomorph : You are a greek god, and you don't need anything beside being you. Good job.

Second, learn what workout and diet benefits your goals.

- Trying to lose weight? Intermittent fasting works really well. This is basically where you starve yourself for the first 6-8 hours after you wake up. You also need to workout more than you eat and moderately drink if don't drink at all. Do high reps and lower weight in the gym, but be extremely consistent. Follow the Endomorph thing up above.

- Trying to gain muscle? Keto diets work well. High protein, No sugar, Net carb adjustments. Fiber is great for this diet as well as high proteins and being aware of carbs. Eat as much if not a lot more than usual to gain muscle and healthy weight. When in the gym, Lift as heavy as possible. Very simple. Lift as much weight as possible with great form. Follow the Ectomorph thing up above.

- Maintain and Longevity... Either you are old, feel old, or a rookie in the fitness industry, this might make more sense.

: When maintaining weight and just trying to be healthy, have the same consistency as anyone else trying to improve their ultimate health.

: Watch out for heavy metals and take your Chlorella

: Turmeric is just amazing for you

: I know you don't drink apple cider, but know the benefits... take this

: Lubricate your joints and everything your need to feel young

Third, knowledge.

: Listen to those who have the same body type as you and do what they did to change. Don't listen to the mesomorph that is nothing like you. Don't listen to the person on steroids. Don't listen to those clout chasers.

: Up DX. is not here to make money. We are here to inform and take our own products. Small community or Big, we care about it all the same.

Hit us up if you have questions.

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