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30 Servings (1 Serving is 2 pieces, 60 total)

We have lots of hair...

Even as men,

take your hair gummies!

HAIR GUMMIES | 30 Servings

$24.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price

Black Friday

  • Vitamin A 60mcg RAE Benefits of Vitamin A
    Vitamin C 20mg Benefits of Vitamin C
    Vitamin D 10mcg
    Benefits of Vitamin C
    Vitamin E 7.4mg  
    Vitamin B6 2mg  
    Folate 433mcg DFE  
    Vitamin B12 2mg  
    Biotin 5000mcg  
    Vitamin B5 5.2mg  
    Iodine 42mcg  
    Zinc 2.7mcg  
    Choline 40mcg  
    Inositol 40mcg  


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